About the Physics Data Processing group

To ensure that the physics reach of Nikhef experiments is never limited by computing”. That is the mission of the Physics Data Processing programme at Nikhef. This will be achieved through R&D on scientific computing and collaborative computing infrastructures, as well as through the operation of and contribution to local, national, and international computing infrastructures for science.

The PDP group’s work falls under four main categories:

  • Applied Advanced Computing (AAC) projects target an increased physics reach via research on new algorithms, systems, and software infrastructure; the viability, validity and utility is ultimately tested by application to Nikhef research.
  • Advanced Computing Technologies (ACT) projects aim to define the composition and architecture of our research infrastructures and hardware on a 2-to-5-year horizon.
  • Infrastructure for Collaboration (I4C) topics comprise both infrastructure security (local and world-wide) and collaboration infrastructures. The collaboration infrastructure work has its roots in the LHC-style of global collaboration, but is applicable to many science domains.
  • The available Research Infrastructures (RI) are operated by the PDP group. They are used by Nikhef physicists (the Stoomboot computing cluster), our experiment colleagues (LHC Tier-1, VIRGO, XENON) and by other sciences (Dutch National e-Infra structure)

For more information about the PDP group at Nikhef, ask the group members.